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Sekker - Customer experience surveys | Product Hunt
Sekker - Customer experience surveys | Product Hunt

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Sharing Methods



Get a shortened hyperlink that you may use everywhere.

In App Embeded

Use our produced scripts to embed a survey on your website.

Email Embeded

Share your survey with any email service you've chosen.


Print awesome QR codes, and share it with your customers

With valuable features and an easy UI, Sekker is designed for any business that wants to better understand its customers.


You have complete control over who sees your survey when they see it, and where they see it.

Survey Score

Know your survey score in any time, check out how you compare to other business in your area.

Realtime Insights

Afraid to miss out on new reviews?
Don't worry, everything in our dashboard is updated in realtime.

Dashboard Share

Want to show off the great feedback to your team or manager?
We got you covered with our smart dashboard share.

AI Text Analysis

Understand your text responses with our smart sentiment analysis.

Performance Metrics

Get a comprehensive view into survey responses, how many views, completion and response rate.

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