QR Code

Share via QR Code

We let you share your survey via QR code, once you complete and create your survey, you can choose on the share step “Qr Code” –

If you’ve already created your survey you can get to this screen via the survey dashboard page by click the “Edit” on top right corner –

Once you click the “Qr Code” option the sharing option modal will open with a preview of the requested Qr Code –

Please note this is just a preview and your QR code will be created once you will press “Create QR Code”. In this screen you can also edit the title and description of the QR code so once, you print it or share you can customize the appearing text.

Once you will press “Create QR Code” you can see the QR code appears –

Filter Results From QR Code!

Scanning this QR code will lead to your survey link, you can also filter and find result that happened through specifically scanning this QR Code. You can do so by navigating to the dashboard and filter result by sharing method like so –