PMF Survey Use Cases

A PMF survey can be used to measure the different stages in which a company is and in what stage they should be in. PMF surveys are ideal for determining your Product Market Fit by gauging your customers’ reliance and liking for your product and determining how likely you are to get traction.

Here are some examples of PMF survey use cases: 

  • Measure the different stages that a company is in and what stage it should be in (Pivot or persevere) 
  • Identify when a company has reached its product-market fit (pivot or persevere) 
  • Help focus the usage of available resources efficiently.
  • Example: Say you have a company and want to know if your product is in the Growth stage. So you could send out a survey and ask questions like “Is your target market niche big enough?” or “Are there any new competitors on the horizon?”. If most of your respondents answered yes, then it means that they are at the Growth stage. If they answered no, then your company is at the second or third stages. 

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