We have covered Sarah implementing a thumbs survey to check customer experience at her Nail salon. That allowed Sarah to reach out to her customers via social media platforms and still maintain connections after leaving her salon.

Sekker provides a user-friendly and easy-to-understand dashboard to create and monitor surveys.

In this post, we will show how any business can implement QR codes to survey its customers.

Some of the benefits of QR codes:

  1. Connects offline to Online;
  2. Less intrusive to your customers;
  3. Always works without any additional effort;
  4. You leave a good impression;
  5. No pressure on your customers;
  6. You can measure the effectiveness of QR codes.
  7. Customers love them!

You can generate a QR code at the end of the survey wizard. These are just three steps for that:

You can print the QR code yourself or have it designed and printed by your local print shop.

Great, right? Besides table stands like that, you can print stickers and stick them on your tables, entrance doors, include QR codes in the packaging designs of your product or brochures.

Sekker dashboard allows you to generate QR codes for any of our surveys;

  1. NPS.
  2. CES
  3. CSAT
  4. PMF
  5. ENPS
  6. 5-Star
  7. Smileys
  8. Thumbs

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