Our goal is to help businesses better understand their customers by using our surveys easily and intuitively.

We firmly stand by this goal. Today we are going to give you a very real-life scenario where Sekker can help you.

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Since we target not only tech-savvy startups but various small businesses as well, we thought to give you more straightforward explanations and use cases that you can implement today and have some real effects on your business

Case study – Nail Studio

Meet Sarah; she has a Nail Studio. Her Studio is a small business with only three nail masters. She doesn’t have a website, but she is very active on social media. Sarah nor her colleagues are tech-savvy.

So, based on this information, let’s see how Sekker can help her business.

For starters, to make things easier for Sarah and her customers, Sarah can start with a Thumbs survey. It is a short, no-pressure survey for customers and is relatively easy to measure and take action.

Remember that Sarah doesn’t have a website, and frankly, she doesn’t want to. But she is active on social media, and most probably, her followers are either her active or future customers. So, she can use the Thumbs survey to capture her first customer feedback.

Our survey editor is relatively easy to use and very customizable. She can, for example, have a conditional “Thank you” message based on the selection. Once she is done with creating a survey, she will be given a link. Sarah can then send that link to her customers on social media platforms. She can put that link in her bio as well.

Sarah needs to capture thumbs-down feedbacks and come up with a better way of handling those unhappy customers.

We are sorry that things didn’t go well, please message us back, and we will have a pleasant surprise!

This way, Sarah started her first real interaction with her customers that can be measured and are actionable.

As Sarah gets more comfortable working with the Sekker dashboard and her customers get comfortable receiving surveys, she can level up the game and create new surveys.

We wish Sarah all the best with her business, and we will check back on her in a couple of weeks. Maybe by then, she would have leveled up the game!

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